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Welcome to the

Undergraduate Environmental Union

Your Hub for Environmental Programming, Action, and Collaboration at Duke

Our mission is to serve as the hub of all undergraduate environmental activity, communications, and programming at Duke. We partner with environmental clubs, community members, neighboring institutions, Duke faculty members, administrators, university staff, and the larger student body to facilitate conversations and collaboration around sustainability on campus and beyond.

The UEU seeks to support environmental undergraduate groups with their own projects and missions, foster collaboration among student organizations, facilitate partnerships with academic and administrative offices to accomplish major projects, serve as a communal place for groups to share support and information to existing groups and projects, host programs or initiatives that are too big for any one student group, and create a unified student voice to advance and publicize environmental issues on Duke’s campus.

Feel free to explore the site to learn more about what we do, who we work with, and Duke Environment as a whole, or reach out directly with any questions or programming ideas.


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As of October 2020, the UEU has its own campus wide email blast.

Click HERE if you would like to submit an event for our blast.

Click HERE if you have environmental news or opportunities to share. 

You can also find this information and more on our RESOURCES PAGE.


If you have an ask of us, please fill out this form:

Duke University

420 Chapel Drive

Durham, NC 27708

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